Artist in Residence, Roundhouse Community Center Vancouver, BC
in collaboration with Julie Lebel and Roundhouse Community Dancers


Beginning in the Fall of 2013, The Roundhouse Community Dancers in Vancouver explored Findings/Trouvailles with dance artists Julie Lebel and Miriam Colvin. From the foundation of their 10 year collaboration, Julie Lebel and Miriam Colvin share the excitement of finding “unknown dances” as they supported community dancers in discovering that they are capable of dancing in an articulate and meaningful ways.

They worked with dancers to invent new ways to engage with surroundings through dance. The process began with introductory movement workshops, followed by collaboratively designed, playful public space explorations/installations. Together the group collected dance ideas and create choreography. Over the residency, the group transformed into an ensemble in the studio and on stage.


In 2015, Julie became the lead artistic facilitator with the Roundhouse Community Dancers. They expanded and re-imagined core concepts developed throughout the Findings/Trouvailles residency. Miriam continued as a consultant and supporter.

Contributing artists 2013-2016 include: Lisa Butel, Soressa Gardner & Caroline Liffmann.

The group created final performances for Findings/Trouvailles at the Roundhouse Solstice Festival, 2015 and LINK, 2016. Click to see Julie's full documentation of the work created during this residency 2013-2015.


“My connection [to dance] now is my feeling that dancing in some form has become a necessity.”
- Trouvailles/Findings Community Dancer, 2014