The content of Circles depended highly on the individual people coming together to create this collective work. Some participants had never performed before; most had not danced beyond their living rooms.

Over two weeks, we found places of commonality, of individuality, of contradiction and of resolution. Collectively, we shaped our shared experiences using movement, storytelling and singing. Individually, we engaged with the process of making art from places of meaning in our own lives. We presented circles to our community at the Della Herman Theater on November 14, 2009.  

For me, this project has facilitated understanding people on a deeper level. It has been full of meaningful interactions that have shifted my assumptions several times over.”  - dancer, Smithers BC

Artistic Director: Miriam Colvin
Choreography: Miriam Colvin and Julie Lebel
Musical Soundscore: Nicole L'Orsa
Videography: Taylor Fox (Incite Media)