"I was able to experience the processional with no knowledge of what was to come, which led to the feeling of total wonder and pleasure in watching everything unfold." - audience member

Into the Current

an exploration of our waterways


Communities exploring our water and fish.

Into The Current facilitated over 581 community interactions towards the creation of the Into the Current Spectacle; over 65% of participants were children and youth.   Youth and children were facilitated by professional artists as makers (masks, lanterns, bugs, tie dye, big fish, flags, costumes, and every little thing), musicians, and performers (animated giant masks, dancing, riding ‘fish bikes’ and waving flag).  We had over 81 community performers help us bring the Processional Spectacle to life.

On September 24, audience members were transported to the watershed of the Skeena River in downtown Smithers. As the sun set, they became part of the free processional spectacle that celebrated and honoured our watershed. Weaving music, puppetry, dance and visual art the line between performer and observer melded as we explored our shared landscapes walking through our downtown. Built on over two years of research in Kispiox, Hazelton, Moricetown and Smithers and combining elements from Enderby and the Cowichan Valley, this celebration was larger than our immediate community.  It was a joy to share the project in a final performance along ‘Main Stream’’ on September 24, 2016.

Artistic Director: Miriam Colvin
Created in Collaboration with: Robin Lough, Ewa Sniatycka, Cathy Stubbington.
With assistance : Sarah Milner, Hannah Pow and Emmerenne Saefkow.
Film and Editing: Taylor Fox (INCITE Media), River Wilde
Soundscore: Robin Lough, Molly Wickham, with youth participants
Research and Community Engagement : July 2014- Sept 2016
Premiere: Main Street Smithers, September 24, 2016.