Expanding Circles: the topography of belonging

Miriam Colvin worked in partnership with the Bulkley Valley Community Arts Council (BVCAC) to facilitate Expanding Circles: the topography of belonging. Miriam and her artistic team provocatively and playfully sparked dynamic interactions, promoted understanding between people from different cultures and created a performance with live music, spoken text and dance.

Photo by Brian Huntington


“It was fun to ‘try on’ other people’s way of movement. I particularly loved trying to dance like a 9-year old: present, silly, energetic.”

“I noticed that putting children and older people together to dance the way Miriam did helped us go beyond any separateness in our dancing.  Quite a feat.  I felt like we all worked with our partner, group, or whole as equals.  again the lack of hierarchy made for a deeper community experience to me.”

Photo by Jon Muldoon


“A lot of times no matter how much the project managers/leaders had on their minds and how busy they were they still managed to stop and listen (if there was a need for it) to the person/s to voice their thoughts and work out a solution. I always felt everyone was cared about and taken care of.”





Artistic Director: Miriam Colvin
Choreography: Miriam Colvin and Julie Lebel
Musical Soundscore: Nicole L'Orsa
Videography: Taylor Fox (Incite Media)

Photo by Jon Muldoon


“I feel that I gave a lot of my time – both physical time in the studio and mental time outside of it. I feel that I invested emotionally. I gained new perspectives and new friends. I expanded my dance practice and learned learned learned…”